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Single-speed bikes that will change the World

Zuricrit race report

Weeks of travelling, thousands of dollars invested, thousands of kilometers ridden in training. All for a half hour race. Yet I can’t wait to do it all over again.




Fly from England to Belgium, followed by a train to the Nederlands to race some Pros. No big deal.

Team Kingdom's Andre Abreu placed 11th at the 3rd annual Minet Crit in London. Read all about it.

It's new. It's exciting. But some people are confused. We figured we'd clarify it for you.




Elska team edition

Our baby. The machine that Team Kingdom races around the world. Indescribable.


Kingdom's first ever take on carbon, which came out to be our best product yet. That and the aerodynamic, single-speed, aluminum frame add up to the perfect bike.

Askel Rose

Our first release since 2016. We're back with the new, better version of the original KAS 1.0. This time in Copper.