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Single-speed bikes that will change the World

Kingdom X Rapha

We partnered with the best–that says it all.

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Elska Ljos

Askel Rose

Askel Classic Frameset

KAS Lettur

December Kingdom Social Rides Theme: Slay the Bells

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On board KCS1118

Go inside the bike of the winner of Kingdom (and the Middle East)’s first fixed Criterium ever.


RHCM9: Race Report

Hear from the mind of a Red Hook Crit virgin. The last member of the team to race it. The solo rider…


Kingdom Social Rides are back

From a desert to another. Same company, same vibes. Changing the world a bike at a time.

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On board Red Bull Last Stand

The last big presence of the team in the 2018 season. Go inside the performance that earned Christina a 3rd place overall.