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This is the kingdom

We ride bikes. We make bikes. But it’s not really just about bikes.

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We make urban adventure machines, beautiful fixed gear and single speed bikes that get you from A to B while also looking really good.
Getting places is important, but who you go with and the community that is formed around the going is what gets us excited. Put simply, riding is an excuse for hanging out with good people and enjoying the freedom that a life behind bars offers.

Fixed gear and single speed bikes aren’t the easiest rides, and that’s why we like them. There’s something really pure about your legs being the only power meter you have and in the fixed-gear case, also the only brakes you have. Our bikes make life only a little bit easier but a whole lot more fun.


It’s about the people that ride the bikes. Kingdom is a ‘come as you are’ bicycle brand - a community, where being yourself never means sacrificing who you are.
Having fun drives us, and who we have that fun with inspires us.

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The best Kingdoms aren’t built on things, they are built on people. We like that.

We’re for the solo rider, in their own head, coasting towards the whatever and making their own lines along the way.
We’re for the social riders, the crews that take up a bit more of the road than they probably should but have perfected the art of the ride and chat.
We’re for the racers, the lads and ladies with their feet clipped into pedals hurling themselves around a track till their legs and lungs just want to quit.
We’re for you, as you are, on a bike or off it.

We’re for you.


We’re not really sure if Kingdom comes from designers who love bicycles or cyclists who love design, but either way it was born from the collision between those two worlds. Building rad bikes that work well and look good was the production challenge and creating communities of people who didn’t need to fake who they are to be who they aren’t was the human challenge. It’s a work in progress, it will probably always be a work in progress, but it’s a great work.
It all started in Arizona, USA, and we recently swapped one desert for another, moving our home base to Dubai, UAE. Same people, same bikes, different roads.

We’re from somewhere.

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We really only have one proper rule for the Kingdom