Behind the scenes of a Grand Tour victory


Michelton Scott of Australia is one of the few Grand Tour cycling teams. As the name says, Grand Tour teams are the ones allowed to race Grand Tours which are the three main road cycling races of the year. Races that last longer than 14 days: the Giro d’Italia, Le Tour de France & La Vuelta a España.

Michelton Scott is very similar to Kingdom in some ways. They focus a lot on content creation. Having been around for a few years (even though they changed sponsors which meant name changes), they have created very interesting content, Grand Tour related. It is not common to have a lot of behind the scenes footage of these big races. Michelton Scott started doing that exact thing a few GT (Grand Tour)’s back–creating behind the scenes, consistent content. More specifically daily videos while on the Grand Tours. Last year they even had a TV show made out of their 2017 Tour de France race which is available to be streamed on Amazon Prime; a 6-episode cycling/ cooking show that will have you glued to the screen one episode after the other.

It has been really rad to follow this team throughout their adventures but this year they did something they could never have planned: they documented the behind the scenes of winning a Grand Tour, the 2018 La Vuelta a España. Their British rider, Simon Yates (who has won the “Best Young Rider” award at Le Tour the France), along with his teammates executed the perfect plan to pull of an amazing, somewhat unexpected win. And the whole thing is documented.

What can describe it better than the images themselves? Below we leave you with the 21 videos of the 21 stages of the 2018 La Vuelta a España, won by Michelton Scott’s Simon Yates.

Huge congratulations from the whole team at Kingdom to the entire Michelton Scott team. We can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

Bike WorldAndre Abreu