Alleycat #3_Double Trouble is here ya'll!

Race 1 & 2 Are done & dusted and now we're onto race 3 yo! Double Trouble!

The last race of the first ever Kingdom Alleycat Series is gonna be a lot of fun, and we're mixing it up by giving the option of riding in pairs (1 man + 1 woman) for the chance at double points, hence the name Double Trouble.
Here's all the details & an explanation of how you can get involved in the goodness.

Strap in.

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When: Sat 18th November
Time: Starting at 7pm from the Kingdom Tempe store. Riders need to be at least 30 minutes early.
Starting Point: Kingdom Tempe
Ending Point: Kingdom Tempe.

Taking part is as easy as turning up to Kingdom, paying $5 and being ready to ride.
And if you don't want to ride, turn up and watch the action as we live stream riders locations in-store. It's a par-tay ya'll!

The Points:

Double Trouble will give you the option of riding in pairs (1 man + 1 woman), which means that if you do race in pairs, EACH member of the team gets full points and if you race alone, you only get half:

  • 1st place in race 3: 50pts per rider (25 if riding alone);

  • 2nd place in race 3: 25pts per rider (12.5pts if riding alone);

  • 3rd place in race 3: 10pts per rider (5pts if riding alone);

  • 4th place in race 3: 5pts per rider (2.5pts if riding alone);

  • 5th place in race 3: 1pt per rider (0.5pt if riding alone).

Text "Kingdom" to 33222 to jump on our text message list and stay up to date with Kingdom life.

Come get your Alleycat on!

Current Standings:

  • 1st place: Cody Goodman and Christina Hashimoto - 100pts;

  • 2nd place: Emerson Senseman and Jared Hsu - 25pts;

  • 3rd place: Karl Senseman and Victor Silva - 10pts;

  • 4th place: Paolo Ranola - 5pts.

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Kingdom Alleycat Tempe Winners
Race reportJonny Kennaugh