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On board the Men's KCS1118

On board the bike of the first ever Kingdom Crit Series race winner: Jemuel Tiongson.

This was also the first ever fixed-gear criterium in the Middle East which you can read all about in the race report.

VideoAndre Abreu
On board the Women's Red Bull Last Stand Final

In the Team’s first year, Red Bull Last Stand was its second biggest appearance in the biggest stage, after Red Hook Brooklyn.

Only a week after Red Hook Milan, Johnny, Jace, Jake and Christina lined up for a different format of fixed-gear criterium. Every lap, the last person to cross the finish line is eliminated.

The Team did an amazing job. In the women’s field, Christina finished 9th which added on to her 3rd place overall for the women in the day. Watch below her whole race.

VideoAndre Abreu
On board Red Hook Crit Milan No. 9

This past Saturday Andre raced the Red Hook Crit in Milan. He started the 4th heat in 72nd place, below are the on-board videos of his attempts of qualifying for the final.

On board videos with commentary and race report coming soon. Stay tuned.

VideoAndre Abreu
Draai V/D Kaai Madness

You know the intensity of a race is jumping up a notch when the city center is shut down for the racing, beer is cheaper than water, and some of the other riders make large sized bikes look like toys.
Welcome to Roosendaal and the NL Crit series.

All that frantic racing led to an 33rd place finish for Andre, which we're stoked with!
Andre's full race report:
On board video:

VideoJonny Kennaugh
The Race Before the Race

Before you race you've got to get to the race. We travelled nearly 6000km on planes, trains and buses to race 38km over two crits in London & The Netherlands. But travel is a whole other adventure in itself and we'll gladly do more to race more.

VideoJonny Kennaugh
Red Hook Madness

Starting with Red Hook Brooklyn, followed by the 2018 Summer Crits–quick minute snippets of racing.


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How to Unbox a Kingdom Bike

It's probably one of the most exciting things you'll ever do in your life - unboxing your first Kingdom bike.

The cardboard, the plastic, the tools, the bike, it's the start of a whole new set of adventures.

But first, you have to put the bike together! Don't worry it's pretty easy and definitely not as hardcore as IKEA, and we made this handy video guide for that moment you get your new Kingdom ride:

If you've got any questions about putting your Kingdom ride together just holla on social media or via email:

VideoJonny Kennaugh