I'm Fixing To Get A Bruise

PSA: I AM NOT A BIKER… or Cycler, or cyclist, or whatever they are called? But my close friends are, so I guess by association I am?

Something I learned very quickly is you’re only cool if you ride “FIX” gear… Haha, well to my surprise, bikes are NOT all the same.

There are single speed bikes, fixed gears, road bikes, mountain bikes, etc.

This was news to me.

If you were to ask me six months ago anything about a bicycle, I would have laughed and shrugged. I was in a bad car accident 7 years ago and was in physical therapy for a year where I was forced to sit on a stationary bike in pain for miles upon miles… SO by default when I was finally released the last thing I ever wanted to do was get on a bike.


Life is funny sometimes. I just so happened to stumble into a “biking community” like the klutz I am. When you become apart of something bigger than yourself, a community with a shared passion, it’s hard not to become passionate about it.

But biking single speed wasn’t gonna make the cut. The last step of my initiation was to learn fix gear. (I’m totally joking, kind of, not really).

One day I walked into Kingdom Life and Bike and my friend Christina said, “Kaylie! Let’s go for a bike ride, and you’re gonna ride fix!”

Out of pure curiosity of how bad I would be, I agreed.

It actually wasn’t that bad, and by the end of the ride, I felt like a pro, and a cool kid, lets not forget about that.

As the weeks went on the more I learned how to control my fix gear, how to use my breaks less, and how to absolutely destroy the crap out of my legs.

But now I can rise victorious saying the bruises were worth it, the trips and stumbles bring joy to my life, and the friends and endurance I have obtained through the learning process I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

So I guess you can say I’m a fixie?

I’m fixing to keep it that way…. Wanna join me?

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