Team Kingdom 2018

2018 is all about the Elska, the Askel and Team Kingdom. Let’s focus on the latter for a minute.
We want to tell you what this team is for and why it exists, who’s a part of it, when and where you can see/hear about them.



No breaks + no gears = ADRENALINE. Hundreds of spectators + 80+ brakeless riders per race = MORE ADRENALINE.
Before explaining why we love it, let's explain what fixed gear racing is. Fixed gear racers are the toughest athletes in the world. No, this is not an overstatement. Riders will break bones on a crash, get back on the bike and finish the race. Most riders will average a heart rate of 200+ beats per minute in a 30+ minute race. Oh and these races average 25-30mph (40-50kmh), with hairpins (180 degree turns).
Competitive fixed gear racing happens in the some of the biggest cities in the world. You can't experience that in normal cycling unless you're a professional. And before you start thinking this is a joke for amateurs, professional cyclists do show up and race alongside the everyday commuter who has as much of a right to race as the guy who races his bike for a living. This is why so much more money and sponsors are invested in fixed-gear racing–it's RAW; there is no BS, just straight up bike racing. Spectators love that, and so do the riders, of course.

Now, we love to race. We want to get in amongst the fixie racing scene. We're passionate about bikes and being part of these races elevates our involvement, gets us around other riders and is just plain exciting. As we release new and better bikes we want more and more people to hear about us; in this specific case, at bike races. But in doing this we didn’t want to do a mediocre “job”, or team. We wanted the best possible team we could get and we wanted them racing against the best. All to prove that that’s the level our bikes are at.

Why do riders do all this? Because there's a team counting on them and that's what it's all about–not a single rider, but the team. As long as the riders "empty their tank", the team's successful.




As of March 2018, the team has 3 male riders and 1 female rider. There are 2 male riders confirmed to join at the end of May and we expect to grow even more, knowing the limitations of a maximum of 6 male riders per team. (Ladies reach out to us!)
Team Kingdom members as of March 2018:


Christina Hashimoto

18 years old
Aerospace Engineering Student at ASU
Cat. 3 Road Cyclist for Octane Athlete Cycling
From Monterrey, CA (USA).


Jake Spelman

24 years old
Lighting Salesman
Cat. 2 Road Cyclist for Bike Accident Attorneys
From Gilbert, AZ.


Johnny Corcoran

26 years old
Leader at Young Life Church
Cat. 2 Road Cyclist for Bike Accident Attorneys
From Tempe, AZ.


Jace Kuyper

27 years old
Next College Student Athlete
Cat. 2 Road Cyclist for Bike Accident Attorneys
From Phoenix, AZ.

Team Kingdom new members in May 2018:


Andre Abreu
22 years old
Kingdom Founder
From Portugal.

Daniel Parkman
DSD Composites Founder
From Tucson, AZ.

There are plenty more people that are part of this team, off the bike. And one that is at every race and we could not skip mentioning is our awesome and very talented photographer, Mr. Nick Wilson.



The Team’s biggest race of the year is the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn, NY, this coming Saturday, April 28 2018.

We plan on being present at remaining Red Hook Crits of 2018 (with smaller numbers), the 3-race Copper State Criterium Series in Phoenix, some of the SoCal Fixed Crit Series in SoCal and the Red Bull Last Stand Crit at the end of the year. More information about these races will be posted on our Instagram close to each race.



Starting in July 2018, Team Kingdom will be racing the brand new Elska Team Edition which was released on April 14, 2018 and is our most prideful release to date. Check it out for yourself.



Wait, how does a new time already have results? Well, we couldn't wait to get the rubber on the asphalt so as soon as we had our bikes we signed up, for the first race we could find (a week later). And we won it.

Copper State Criterium Series Race 1


Women's race

1st place.


men's race

1st place & 3rd place.



What's next?

  • First to all, at Red Hook, this weekend, we'll be releasing our Team Kingdom T-Shirts which will be available online right after the event, so stay tuned for that.

  • Follow us on Instagram for daily updates and live coverage of the races.


Thank you to our awesome Sponsors:



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