Down to the Bones

We've ridden our bikes in some pretty interesting places, but this one may have just topped the list.

Just outside of Tucson, Arizona, jammed up against a busy US Airforce Base, on a flat and dusty patch of land, lies the Boneyard. It's exactly as rad as its name sounds - a storage place for an assortment of old airplanes, some being used for scrap and some waiting for a new owner with enough money to afford a plane and enough patience to get it into flying shape.

We weren't there to buy a plane, but we did want to ride on a wing or two and explore this metal boneyard on our favourite Kingdom rides...

Riding on the Navy Plane Wing Kingdom

From old Navy transport planes, to a NASA Photo surveillance plane used before google maps was a thing, to aircraft that have been doing sneaky things down in South America, ones that would carry nuclear weapons, and a bunch of other craft if various states of decay, the Boneyard is full of parked stories.

The Boneyard Safari tour has jumped up near the top of our list of rad things you can do in Arizona. 
It's basically 3 hours of wandering around the airplane graveyard, exploring everything, listening to the history of each aircraft and taking photos you won't be able to get anywhere else.
And a bonus point - that very active Airforce base next door means there are all sorts of military aircraft buzzing around overhead while you're exploring the ones on the ground. 

Check out the Boneyard Safari and book yourself a tour right HERE.

Boneyard Safari Arizona x Kingdom
Boneyard Safari Kingdom tour
the flight deck boneyard safari
Nose cones boneyard safari
Navy Transport plane Boneyard Safari
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