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KCS0219 - Series Finale

Kingdom Criterium Series 2018/2019

Race 4 of 4

Date: February 8, 2019.

Location: to be announced.


Women’s race: 10km;
Men’s race: 20km.
Feature races’ primes: first lap and half way.


Open course: 07:30 to 08:30;
Women’s feature race: 08:30;
Men’s feature race: 9:15;
Award ceremony: after last rider finishes.
After-party: PDL on SZR.


  • Fixed-gear bicycle only;

  • Women are allowed one brake, Men are not;

  • Foot retention is mandatory;

  • Helmet is mandatory.

Registration is free and can be done on the day of the event from 08:30 until 15 minutes before the start of the respective race.

Series points system

1st place in a feature event: 40 points
2nd place in a feature event: 25 points
3rd place in a feature event: 10 points
4th place in a feature event: 7 points
5th place in a feature event: 3 points

Prime win: 17 points