Frequently asked questions.

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  • Q. Do your prices include tax?
    A. In Arizona we're not required to add taxes online so, no!
  • Q. When will I be charged for my order?
    A. You’ll be charged for your order when the order is placed.
  • Q. I have recently purchased an item, and it has now been reduced in price, will Kingdom price match the difference.
    A. Yes, we are happy to match the reduced price in the form of a credit voucher as long the product was purchased at full price and within 14 days of the price being reduced. We are not able to match the price if the product, including size and colour is not in stock at the time of the request or if we have already provided a price match on the product.


  • Q. When are products coming back into stock?
    A. As soon as a new batch is built unless the product has been sold out in which case we will announce to the public.
  • Q. I’d like to order a product, but it does not allow me to put it in the basket.
    A. If it is not possible to select an item this means that it is not available.


  • Q. What’s your returns policy?
    A. You can return any product you receive from Kingdom within 90 days of receipt, as long as the item is unused and unwashed.


  • Q. My product is over three months old, and has developed damage through wear and tear, what can be done?
    A. Kingdom provides a free of charge repair service. This service is provided for items that were damaged through normal use and have been cared for as per garment instructions. 


  • Q. I am not sure which size to order?
    A. On most product pages there is specific sizing information in the right hand column. If you are still not certain about which size is right, please contact


  • Q. I am interested in having my event sponsored by Kingdom.
    A. Please send an email to detailing your event. Kingdom receives a high volume of sponsorship requests and proposals so please do not be disappointed if we are unable to help.


  • Q. Why do the riders in your imagery sometimes not wear helmets?
    A. Some imagery on the Kingdom website shows riders on bicycles who are not wearing helmets. Kingdom does not enforce any helmet policy on the riders in its photoshoots other than they adhere to the law of the land. However, Kingdom always recommends to wear an helmet while riding your bicycle.


    • Q. Why are some of your products made in China or in the Far East?
      A. We manufacture some garments in China and the Far East because quite simply, the quality the factories offer there is first rate, and they are very reliable producers. The cost price advantage is a secondary issue. Our garments are in fact, produced across a number of locations globally. When we choose our manufacturing partners, we are always looking to find companies with the most expertise in their area, the quality and scale of manufacturing to satisfy our high standards. We are extremely proud of all the manufacturers and suppliers we use, and our relationships with them. Countries such as China, are widely regarded in the industry as some of the best manufacturers in the world — in terms of quality, accuracy, scale, efficiency, and ease of working with.

    • Q. Why are your products not made in-house, rather than just designed in-house?
      A. With the rare exception, you will find that many companies that make products will use external manufacturers as we do. Whereas research, design and development will often be done in-house. We wish we could produce our own products, and maybe one day we will, but for now we're focused on delivering high quality products at a good market price, and for that we need to have our own suppliers to make this happen.