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Bike stuff

Q. What’s the difference between fixed-gear (fixie) and single-speed?
A. Both have no gears but the key difference is that on a fixie the pedals are constantly turning where as on a single speed the pedals can “coast”, meaning that the legs not only work more but never stop working. Fixed gear also gives you the possibility to ride with no breaks since you can slow the bike down by applying backwards force on the pedals. That in itself opens up the door to all kinds of tricks, making fixed-gear riding a whole new sport and the kind of riding that needs to be learnt as if you were learning to ride a bike again.

Q. Yea but I want brakes, can I have brakes?
A. Yes. We can add a front and/or back brake on your bike, just let us know which you prefer after you order.

Q. What can I customize on the bike?
A. Once you place your order, you can e-mail us asking to change the shape of the handlebars (flat, drop or pursuit), the gearing (freewheel and/or fixed-gear), the color of a certain part (black/ white), the amount of brakes (none, 1 and/ or 2) and the addition of straps.

Q. What’s in the box?
A. Every Kingdom bike comes in a specially designed box with the bicycle half assembled, the instructions to finish assembling and the tools to do so.

Location & shipping

Q. Where is Kingdom based?
A. We were in Arizona, USA but then we traded one desert for another and moved our homebase to Dubai, UAE.

Q. How does the shipping work?
A. If you live in the UAE, it is free, if not we have a set shipping fee of $150USD.

Products & sizing

  • Q. I am not sure which size to order?
    A. On each bike’s product page, you can find at the bottom of the page a chart that relates your height to the size of the bike.
    If you are still not certain about which size is right, contact us at and we can help.

Pricing and currency

  • Q. Do your prices include tax?
    A. In Arizona we're not required to add taxes online so, no!

  • Q. When will I be charged for my order?
    A. You’ll be charged for your order when the order is placed.

  • Q. I have recently purchased an item, and it has now been reduced in price, will Kingdom price match the difference.
    A. Yes, we are happy to match the reduced price in the form of a credit voucher as long the product was purchased at full price and within 14 days of the price being reduced. We are not able to match the price if the product, including size and color is not in stock at the time of the request or if we have already provided a price match on the product.

Out of stock

  • Q. When are products coming back into stock?
    A. As soon as a new batch is built unless the product has been sold out in which case we will announce to the public.

  • Q. I’d like to order a product, but it does not allow me to put it in the basket.
    A. If it is not possible to select an item this means that it is not available.


  • Q. What’s your returns policy?
    A. You can return any product you receive from Kingdom within 14 days of receipt, as long as the item is unused and unwashed.


  • Q. My product is over three months old, and has developed damage through wear and tear, what can be done?
    A. Kingdom provides a free of charge repair service. This service is provided for items that were damaged through normal use and have been cared for as per garment instructions.


  • Q. I am interested in having my event/ team/ athlete sponsored by Kingdom.
    A. Please send an email to detailing your event/ team/ athlete. Kingdom receives a high volume of sponsorship requests and proposals so please do not be disappointed if we are unable to help.


  • Q. Why do the riders in your pictures sometimes not wear helmets?
    A. Some imagery on the Kingdom website shows riders on bicycles who are not wearing helmets. Kingdom does not enforce any helmet policy on the riders in its photoshoots other than they adhere to the law of the land. However, Kingdom always recommends to wear a helmet while riding your bicycle.