Know Frog Strobe Light Twin Pack (Translucent)

Know Frog Strobe Light Twin Pack (Translucent)


The Original Frog, LED, 600m+ visibility, quick silicone mounting, headlight and taillight, water resistant, batteries included, 3 flash modes.

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QUICK MOUNT- The soft silicone legs of the Frog attaches to anything, bag straps, dog collars, prams, helmets, tent poles, walking stick, you name it and the Frog will most likely wrap itself around it.

WHITE AND RED LED’S- The Headlight is an all-white LED generating 8.5 lumens, the rear is an all red LED generating 2.5 lumens, both with a 600+m visibility.

3 FLASH MODES- Three different flash modes, easily switch while riding. Peak run times of 80 hrs(front) and 70hrs(rear), also features a steady light mode and a vacuum metallized reflector.

BATTERY OPERATED- Requires 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries (included) for each light, up to 80hrs of run time on one battery though and is easily replaceable and lightweight.

AMPHIBIOUS- Ride worry free, no matter what the sky throws at you because the Frog is amphibious just like its cell based brother. The water resistant coating will keep you visible from the front and back.